AUS One Team - App or Not!

Our clients have many options for transportation services. We strive to make sure they are glad they selected Austin Ultimate Sedans.

Our clients don't just expect customER service, they expect customIZED service, and we take this seriously every day.

We operate as ONE TEAM, from reservations to billing.  Anyone you contact at AUS will be happy to assist any way possible to maximize your satisfaction.  

"Phone App" transportation has been the rage for the last two years.  We certainly utilize technology in the back office, and our drivers use mobile dispatch apps, but to date we have had little demand for a customer app which tracks the driver.  We prefer to invest in our drivers, vehicle maintenance and customer service.  We have tested several reservation software options and have not been satisfied with the results so far. We will not migrate to a system which does not add value for our clients.  Our current software platform has introduced a new passenger app, but we have not been satisfied with support for existing issues.  We hope to offer this feature to clients if they prefer to use an app, but until we have confidence in the integration of a phone app with the existing platform, we will continue business as usual.

We are proud of the fact that our customers don't worry about the location of their drivers. Our chauffeurs are on time, and in contact with passengers as needed. While we always look for ways to leverage technology for efficiency, we will never replace our personalized service with technology.

Many of our clients simply forward an airline confirmation to our office, and we know what to do! A reservation is booked, a confirmation is sent, and a driver arrives on time for arrivals and departures.  Our office is technology driven: We can provide manifests, reports, etc. for any customer if needed.  We just don't expect them to install and navigate an app in order to arrange a ride.  They hire our services to reduce their overhead!

Thank you for traveling with Austin Ultimate Sedans. We value your business!