City To City Executive Car Service

Austin Ultimate Sedans offers an affordable alternative to air travel between Austin and Houston, DFW, etc.

Our clients often use chauffeured services rather than rent cars or fly for three common reasons: Service, Convenience and Cost.

Travel managers must contain costs while optimizing the employees’ work-life balance. They have consistently reported that costs are increasing, and many providers are adding ancillary fees which are increasingly difficult to track.

As companies assess their ground travel expenses, they are focusing more on air fare and car rental. Ancillary fees now represent 10-20 percent of total car rental costs. This includes, but is not limited to: fuel charges, GPS systems, insurance, sales taxes, airport surcharges, licensing fees, theft protection, etc. An additional disadvantage to car rental is unfamiliarity with the local traffic, locale, and laws which increases safety and security risks.

Airline travel is expensive, and often frustrating to a busy executive: Airport Security lines, flight delays and diversions, lack of privacy and connectivity issues frequently result in loss of productivity, missed meetings, stress, and fatigue.

Alternatively, our chauffeured service provides first class amenities, also allowing the traveler to handle email and calls, uninterrupted, en route to their destination. The drivers assist with luggage, equipment, car seats, etc. They escort clients with umbrellas in the rain, have a warm vehicle ready in the winter, and a cool vehicle upon arrival in the heat of the summer. All long distance trips (3+ hours) include our exclusive Austin Ultimate Sedans Travel Comfort Kit*.

Our management team has worked remotely for years and is aware of the benefits of connectivity and convenience on the road. Our office staff is available to assist in any additional itinerary needs, and can provide data reports to your accounting department if needed. We can work with your staff to ensure the most cost effective logistics for your company. Some companies travel frequently enough to have sedan shuttles, dropping one executive in Houston, and then turning around to provide transportation back to Austin for a departing executive or client.

In most cases, we can offer rates competitive with air fare and car rental costs, with the benefit of personal service and productive time on the road. We have prepared comparison tables to help you determine the best value, contact us for details.

For example, a one way, Austin to Houston, Hotel to Hotel, business class fares, assuming sedan transfers in both cities is typically within $50 - $100 of the air travel cost, in approximately the same point-to-point travel time. This is for a single passenger - imagine the savings if there are additional colleagues!

Most Importantly - Consider these perks!!

  • No lines
  • No Pat Downs
  • No X-Rays
  • No crying children (unless they are yours!)
  • No one kicks your seat
  • You can use your electronic devices at all times
  • The trip may take a little longer in heavy rain, but we do keep you moving!
  • We won't make you remain in the vehicle one block from the hotel indefinitely!
*Comfort Kits are provided for 1-2 passengers, however are available for SUV groups upon advance request.
Thank you for traveling with Austin Ultimate Sedans. We value your business!