**Preamble:  We realize most people detest long legal disclaimers and verbose instructions.  Unfortunately, since our services vary as does our clients' familiarity with standard billing, transportation guidelines, etc, we must provide such information.  We abbreviate this info in emailed confirmation correspondence to minimize data and printing requirements.
If you have questions or concerns about these policies please contact us for assistance.


Austin Ultimate Sedans Terms and Conditions

Quoted rates are inclusive of all service charges such as STC, fuel surcharge, and airport fees, with the exception of our "Get Out Of Bed" *surcharge if applicable. This quoted rate does not include any gratuity which you may, at your sole discretion, wish to give the chauffeur for excellent service. (Gratuities are always appreciated but never expected. )

*A $10 "Get Out Of Bed" surcharge is applied to any trip before 5:00 am or after 12:00 am and designated US holidays. (New Year's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas). This charge is passed directly to your driver who stays at his/her peak performance during very early or late hours, and leaves his/her family at home during the holidays in order to help our clients travel safely. We include veteran holidays because we hire vets!

By confirming this reservation, the client agrees to the following conditions:


    • All reservations must have a credit card on file to cover late cancellations, overtime, damages, or extraordinary cleaning of vehicle.

        » Austin Ultimate Sedans accepts Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover.

    • A Credit Card Pre-Authorization of $1 may be made at time of reservation to ensure we have valid information.  Authorization for full amount will be obtained 24 hours prior to pick up time.

    • Deposits are required for Charters, Limousines, and Large Groups

        » A 50% Deposit is required at the time of reservation via credit card unless the reservation is made 14 days or less before the departure date. The full amount will be charged 48 hours prior to trip.

             - Exception: Weddings, Proms and Other Special Events (F1, SXSW, New Year’s Eve) and Peak Seasons (March-July, December): Balance must be paid in full 14 days prior to event

    • A final bill will be processed and charged upon trip completion, which would reflect any new charges described in these Terms and Conditions of Rental (e.g. Overtime or Cleaning/Damages)

        » We do not hide fees or surcharges, nor do we add overtime without authorization from the billing contact unless we are unable to make contact and still have the passenger in the vehicle.

    • All payments can be made by cash or company check

        » No personal checks are accepted.
        » Company checks must be received 10 days prior to trip and should be written to Austin Ultimate Sedans.
        » Drivers will not collect charges in cash unless prearranged with our office.


 Our cancellation policies vary by reservation type as outlined below:

A. Airport Pick-up and Drop-off

    • If cancellation is made less than four hours in advance, or client is a "no-show", we will charge 100% of original fee

        » Cancellations or changes made within 24 hours of reservation pick-up time must be made by phone 512.689.9420
        » Exception - Mini Bus and Limo Airport Pickup require 24 hour cancellation to avoid charges

    • We realize that air travel schedules can change for many reasons and take great steps to minimize the impact on our clients and their budgets while protecting the budgets for the next client. We request a passenger point of contact phone number when the reservation is created, to allow us to reach you, and provide driver info if needed. We take extra steps to confirm accuracy of the information prior to the day of arrival, and your chauffeur will check the flight arrival time before leaving our location.

        » Austin Ultimate Sedans is not responsible for incorrect flight information received from the passenger, booking agent or airline, on-line or automated phone information

    • We will wait, at no extra charge, up to 15 minutes past your airplane arrival for you arrive at the baggage claim area. If you do not meet your driver or call us within 15 minutes of your plane landing we will consider you a “no-show” and you will be charged in full for the reservation. We will make several attempts to reach the mobile phone number provided when you made your reservation, and will have you paged at the airport

        » To avoid a no-show fee please do not leave the airport before calling the office for assistance. The number is: 512.689.9420

    • Flight Delays and Cancellations

        » If a flight is delayed due to weather, air traffic or other mechanical issue, a vehicle and chauffeur will remain at the airport unless notified and instructed otherwise. The appropriate wait time charges will apply.
        » Austin Ultimate Sedans will make every attempt to follow a client’s flight itinerary during severe weather events. If a flight is cancelled due to weather concerns and we do not receive notice from or about the client within 1.5 hours after the original scheduled pick up time, the vehicle and chauffeur will be released from the pick- up location and the full trip fare, plus wait time will be charged.

B.  Non-Airport transfer or Point-to-Point service

    • Cancellations made 24 hours or more in advance will incur no additional fee.

    • If cancellation is made less than 24 hours in advance we will charge client 100% of original fee.

        » Exception - Mini Bus and Limo require 48 hour cancellation

C. Special Events

    • Proms, SXSW, F1 Races, New Year’s Eve, Weddings

        » Due to the high demand during these special events and/or special resource allocations, reservations are non-refundable unless cancelled 1 week in advance.
        » If cancelled less than 1 week in advance, the full fare will be charged even if the service is not completed at the request of the passenger.
       -----  Prom and other group events providing transportation of minors will require an additional “I Promise” Contract

D. Bus and other special vehicle arrangements

    • Standard Charters

        » Cancellations made 48 hours or more in advance will incur no additional fee.
        » If cancellation is made less than 48 hours in advance we will charge client 100% of original fee.

    • Special Events and Peak Seasons - Weddings, Proms, Special Events (F1, SXSW, New Year’s Eve) and Peak Seasons (March-July,  December)

             - Non-refundable unless cancelled 2 week in advance.

    • Cancellation policy may be further defined in quote, depending on unique circumstances.


A. No Show Clients

    • If you fail to show at the designated pick up location 15 minutes past the scheduled pick up time, have not contacted us, and we are unable to reach you, you will be considered a “No SHOW".

        » The No-Show fee will be equal to the cost of the trip.
        » Also described in “Cancellations - Airport Pickup and Drop Off” in previous section

B. Overtime and Wait Charges

    • Overtime shall be billed at the prevailing vehicle hourly rental rate in one half (1/2) hour increments, and will be collected at the time the overtime begins.

        » Following 15 minute grace period

C. Cleaning Fees or Damages

    • We take great pride in the cleanliness of our vehicles.  In order to ensure a perfect ride for all clients we must take precautions standard in the luxury travel industry

        1) There is no smoking inside of any vehicle. There will be a charge of $100 per incident and $500 for any cigarette burns.

        2) Excessive spills or stains will result in additional charges:

             - $50 per inch of carpet stain

             - $100 per inch damage to leather interior

             - $300 for all bodily fluid incidents

             - $50 or more for cleanup of excessive trash.  * Please be sure to use the trash bags provided on bus to avoid being charged cleanup fees.

        3) Deliberate damage to the vehicle will be charged at the cost of repairs, plus a 50% service fee.

        4) Clients are responsible for their guests, for any damage to the vehicle.

D. Illegal Substance

    • No possession, sale or consumption of any type of narcotics or illegal drugs is permitted.

        » Violations will result in immediate termination of contract and services and forfeiture of all paid deposits and fees for service.

E. Alcohol

    • Austin Ultimate Sedans cannot provide any alcoholic beverage.

        » Per the Texas Penal Code 49.031, it is legally acceptable to consume alcohol in our hired vehicles as long as all persons in the vehicle are of the legal drinking age.
        » Consumption of alcohol by a minor is never tolerated under any circumstance and will result in immediate termination of the service immediately with no refunds

F. Max Capacity

    • Drivers are not authorized to exceed the number of passengers stated on your contract.

        » We will never exceed the maximum passenger rating per vehicle; this is in violation of state law and insurance guidelines

G. Multiple Stops

    • Stops during your service should be prearranged before the service starts. Unscheduled stops are at the driver’s discretion

H. Music Volume

    • Safety is our top priority.  We want our passengers to have a good time and enjoy their music, however we ask that the volume not be high enough to distract the driver, or violate the Austin Noise Ordinance (Chapter 9-2 of the City of Austin Codes and Ordinances) which prohibits sound or vibration more than 30 feet from a vehicle.

    • Our drivers are well trained to handle normal distractions during group events. If they request that the volume be decreased, be assured they are looking out for your safety.


A. Austin Bergstrom International Airport Pickup (Sedan/SUV/Limo)

    • Your chauffeur will be waiting for you near the baggage claim carousel for your airline, holding a sign with your last name and the Austin Ultimate Sedans Logo printed. He or she will assist with baggage, and escort you to the vehicle.

        » To better control crowd flow during peak seasons, (e.g. SXSW, F1)  the Ground Transportation staff requests that all chauffeurs wait until the latest possible moment to enter the baggage claim area.

             - Our drivers monitor flights and stand by as closely as possible. Please be patient if you do not immediately see your driver. In most cases your driver should have your phone number on their trip sheet, and will call you. If you have not received a call from your driver upon arrival at baggage claim, call 512.689-9420

B. Austin Bergstrom International Airport Pickup (Bus)

    • · Austin Bergstrom International Airport forbids buses to be left unattended. The designated bus parking spot is on the lower level outside the baggage claim area.  

        » Simply walk outside the sliding doors and turn right.  The bus will be parked in a special bus slot at the end of the terminal.
        »  Unless "Meet and Greet" service has been arranged prior to the pickup, the driver will call the designated passenger contact when their flight has landed to remind them of the location of the bus.  

-This will be the "PRIMARY PASSENGER" listed on the reservation.

        » The driver will wait outside of the bus, holding a sign with the group name and the Austin Ultimate Sedans Logo printed.  He or she will assist the group with baggage and loading.
        » We will wait, at no extra charge up to  30 minutes past the final arrival for this group. If we are still unable to locate the primary passenger we will consider the group a "“no-show” and you will be charged in full for the reservation.  

             - It is the responsibility of the client to provide a valid contact. We will make every effort to contact the primary and alternative passenger by phone.  

C.  George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) – International Flights ( http://www.fly2houston.com/iahTerminalE )

D.  Luggage

    • Luggage capacity is 3 medium sized suitcases for sedans, 8 for SUVs.

    • The 24 Passenger bus has a separate rear luggage compartment and overhead storage

E.  Child Seats

    • Limited availability due to regulations - Please specify requirement in advance of your trip.

             - We will secure your child safety seats while you are away and have the seat in the vehicle upon your arrival if needed.

F. Pets

    • All animals must be in a carrier with the exception of service dogs

G. Accessible Service

    • Please notify our reservationist of any special mobility needs in advance to allow us to accommodate your needs with the appropriate vehicle

H. Lost Articles

    • Austin Ultimate Sedans is not responsible for any items left in our vehicles.  Our vehicles are checked after every trip, and any discovered items left by clients are secured and sincere efforts are made to notify the client and return the items immediately.  We reserve the right to charge a delivery fee for items which require special shipping.

I. Service Providers

    • All affiliates are carefully screened and selected based on their professional reputation for prompt, courteous, and reliable service which aligns with the Gold Standards defined by Austin Ultimate Sedans

        » Clean, well-maintained vehicles of comparable age and model
        » Full compliance with all safety and insurance guidelines
        » Full compliance with local and federal laws/regulations pertaining to ground transportation services and standards.



Thank you for traveling with Austin Ultimate Sedans. We value your business!